Saturday, December 18, 2010

Officially a Teen.

Today is a monumental day in the life of my little brother, Aaron. December 18 marks the day of his birth...thirteen years ago. He is officially a teenager today, and you better believe that he knows it. Even just a year ago he was still a little kid. But it's amazing how one year can bring on a lot of change. Aaron prides himself in how he is "maturing" including but not limited to: deeper voice, small mexi-stache growing on his upper lip which means SHAVING, arm pit hair, braces, growth spurts like you can't believe, bigger hands and feet. This boy is not so little anymore. Thanks to my cousin Jessica and her cute blog, I got the idea for this post. I'd like to share a few things that I love most about my little brother, who is not so little anymore.

1. He is a Christmas baby.
2. After 6 years of waiting for a baby brother, he was our holiday gift.
3. My cousins got to see him before I did. Still a little bitter about that :)
4. I bragged to my 1st grade teacher about how cute he was.
5. When he was fussy, a red V appeared on his forehead.
6. That still happens. Just not as noticeable.
7. His first word was "ball". Go figure.
8. He was shy when he was a little guy.
9. He has grown out of his shy phase now.

10. He used to dance to Easy Street from the musical Annie. Cutest thing ever.
11. "Bubbies" was his nickname for years. Weird, I know.
12. Evolution of nicknames: Bubbies, AA, Evs, Geeb-a-seeb, Cheeky

13. He started getting a little pudgy a few years ago.
14. My mom and I were worried that he was going to be a fatty.
15. He had some love handles.
16. Then he got tall and skinny.
17. He is literally skin and bones now. Talk about LANKY!
18. He thinks that he is taller than me.
19. He might actually be right now. 5'6" is definitely taller than 5'4".
20. Truth be told, he's taller than my mom too.

21. His voice constantly cracks. It's pretty funny.
22. Sometimes when I'm downstairs, I think that Matt or my dad is talking.
23. It's actually Aaron.
24. He is starting to be ornery sometimes.
25. Ya gotta love puberty and hormones.
26. He thinks that girls are cute now.
27. He still won't tell me who he likes. One day, I'll get the info out of him :)

28. He is a 7th grader at Cedar Ridge Middle School.
29. He is really smart.
30. Sometimes he "forgets" to do his homework. Typical teen for you.
31. He knows anything and everything about sports.
32. Ask him a sports stat, he will have the correct answer.
33. He plays basketball better than anyone I know his age.
34. He has a gigantic bruise on his elbow from playing.
35. He doesn't mind. I guess it shows he is aggressive.
36. His favorite NBA team is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Not the Jazz? Yeah.
37. Maybe one day he will become as big a Jazz fan as the rest of us.

38. He has got an opinion.
39. He has got these big eyes, in a very good way.
40. My mom always called him her prettiest child. Thanks a lot mom.
41. He and Jared (my other little brother) are best buddies.

42. He listens to the weirdest music sometimes.
43. His current music phase: oldies.
44. He plays the piano, which he claims he hates. But he's quite good at it.

45. He has his own email address now.
46. He sends me and Matt dorky Youtube videos.
47. I won't admit it to him, but I kind of like them. They are pretty hilarious.
48. He has a sensitive side. He watches out for his big sister.

49. He calls me his little sister.
50. It makes me mad because no matter how tall he gets, I will never be his little sister.
51. When he was little, he had an "accent". His R's sounded funny. He also had an overbite.
52. It made Jared have one too, because he imitated Aaron.
53. So Aaron went to speech classes in elementary school.
54. He speaks normal now.

55. He dresses like a teenage middle-schooler.
56. His new favorite stores are American Eagle and Aeropostale.
57. If he could, he would wear basketball shorts and t-shirts every day.
58. He has a very distinct sense of humor.
59. You would never catch him being weird and crazy.
60. That is where he and I differ :)

61. He is currently in that obnoxious stage.
62. He finds it very funny to bug and pester.
63. This has been going on for quite some time.
64. He has teased me about boys for as long as I can remember.
65. Of the guys I date, he let's me know who his favorites are.
65. I usually take his opinion to heart.
66. I can't wait until he starts dating. Ooooh am I going to have fun with that! :)

67. He is very thoughtful.
68. He looks really cute in his church clothes.
69. I love visiting my home ward to watch him pass the sacrament.
70. He goes to Deacon Presidency Meetings. I still can't believe he's old enough.

71. He can eat bread and crackers in massive amounts.
72. He doesn't like to eat his vegetables.
73. My mom still has to persuade him to eat all of his dinner.
74. I NEVER see him without a ball of some sort in his hand.
75. My ceiling light fell off in my bedroom from him dribbling in the kitchen above.
76. He loves Sports Center.
77. Our television has ESPN [or any other station with games/highlights] playing 24/7.
78. It's kind of ridiculous.

79. He shares a birthday with my cousin McKenzie.
80. He uses gel in his hair now.
81. He wears "Swagger". To smell good for the ladies :)
82. His favorite body wash is Old Spice. He smells good, most of the time.

83. He is OBSESSED in BYU.
84. None of us are really sure why he has such a deep love for the school. We are all Aggies.
85. He supports them even when his friends dis the Cougars.
86. He basically worships Jimmer Fredette. Either that or he has a serious man crush.
87. He admits that the crush is true.
88. He WILL be an BYU alum one day.

89. He used to hit himself and then blame it on Jared.
90. Just to get Jared in trouble.
91. It worked pretty well for a while.
92. Until we caught him in the act. Talk about the boy who cried wolf.

93. He loves McDonald's and Wendy's.
94. Give him a crispy chicken sandwich and he'll love you forever.
95. He goes to Charlie's to get ice cream right before dinner. And eats a whole shake.
96. He is a paper boy. My dad helps him out a bit though.
97. He brings an added joy to my family. One that would be very missed if he wasn't there.
98. He is going to go far in life.
99. I couldn't ask for a better little brother. He is truly the greatest!
100. Happy birthday Aaron. You deserve the best one yet :)

"Teenagers complain there's nothing to do, then stay out all night doing it." -Bob Phillips

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ode to Finals

This is it. Finals week of Fall 2010. The most dreaded week of the semester for many college students. Others find it to be a breeze. Then there are students like me who are not looking forward to it, but it's not going to be too brutal to me this semester. My finals week consists of three finals plus two papers. It could be worse but I still have my work cut out for me.

In the midst of studying and crunching information into my mind this week, I decided to post a few humorous cartoons. If no one else reads this post, at least I will have offered myself some comedic relief. Hopefully this can bring some laughter to others as well.

To all of you poor college students, best of luck this week! May we all ace our finals. :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

National Brownie Day

Yep, it's true. Today is National Brownie Day. 12.8.10.

What a strange thing to celebrate, but hey, I'm not complaining. This just gave me an extra reason to eat some brownies, which are possibly one of my favorite desserts. I was curious to see how popular this holiday was, so thanks to my best friend Google, I found this little article on "The Stir" blog. It said a little something like this...

"Today is National Brownie Day, and while many of the silly designated days cause us to roll our eyes at their ridiculousness, brownies really need this day.
You see, brownies are kind of like the meatloaf of the dessert world.

Everyone makes them, most people like them, but few people looooove them.
They're just the generic, I didn't-have-much-time, couldn't-think-of-anything-else excuse for a dessert that everyone falls back on. Sure you can dress them up with ice cream and the like, but on their own, they're usually not the most exciting of desserts."

While a lot of that may be true, I have to disagree with the last statements. If there was a dislike button under that comment, I would have most definitely pushed it. Brownies are great even when they are as plain as can be. The only time I would argue with my own comment is if they have frosting. I'm not a fan. But other than that, they are brilliant.

So have a brownie today and celebrate.

Currently, this is my favorite kind of brownie. You can't get much better than cookies and brownies in one.

The final product. They are addicting. I'll admit, I'm hooked.