Wednesday, December 8, 2010

National Brownie Day

Yep, it's true. Today is National Brownie Day. 12.8.10.

What a strange thing to celebrate, but hey, I'm not complaining. This just gave me an extra reason to eat some brownies, which are possibly one of my favorite desserts. I was curious to see how popular this holiday was, so thanks to my best friend Google, I found this little article on "The Stir" blog. It said a little something like this...

"Today is National Brownie Day, and while many of the silly designated days cause us to roll our eyes at their ridiculousness, brownies really need this day.
You see, brownies are kind of like the meatloaf of the dessert world.

Everyone makes them, most people like them, but few people looooove them.
They're just the generic, I didn't-have-much-time, couldn't-think-of-anything-else excuse for a dessert that everyone falls back on. Sure you can dress them up with ice cream and the like, but on their own, they're usually not the most exciting of desserts."

While a lot of that may be true, I have to disagree with the last statements. If there was a dislike button under that comment, I would have most definitely pushed it. Brownies are great even when they are as plain as can be. The only time I would argue with my own comment is if they have frosting. I'm not a fan. But other than that, they are brilliant.

So have a brownie today and celebrate.

Currently, this is my favorite kind of brownie. You can't get much better than cookies and brownies in one.

The final product. They are addicting. I'll admit, I'm hooked.


Lauren said...

Meg! You just made me so hungry for Brownies! Goodness!

elise said...

My mouth is watering!