Friday, August 5, 2011

What a wreck!

The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. Summer is in full swing and nothing could bring you down on such a gorgeous and delightful afternoon. The radio is blasting your favorite song and the A.C. is gently blowing your hair. Life is good. Mmmm mmmm good. A little drive home on a Thursday afternoon has never been so delightful. And then.


And out pops the airbag...

So yesterday, my cute mom was in a little car accident. Well actually, I would define it as a medium accident. It wasn't any little fender-bender, but there was no serious injury. Just some medium-sized damage to her car. Luckily, it wasn't her fault and everyone was unharmed. But I can't say that about everyone's pride.

About a year ago, there was a round-about constructed in North Logan on 18th North and 2nd East. It's pretty cool and very convenient to keep traffic flowing....but ONLY when people use it correctly. One thing I have discovered in the past year is that people really don't know how to use one. Rules? Well, let's be honest, people in Logan just make up their own when it concerns the round-about.

Which is just what Mrs. Jones (not her actual name) did yesterday. She came flying around the round-about and didn't take the time to notice my mom in the next lane. Needless to say, there was some mashed metal, some shattered glass and a few tears on the part of Mrs. Jones' daughter. There was no damage done to her truck, but my mom's van isn't in its prime shape at the moment, let's just say.

So the police were called and husbands came to the rescue. I wish that every man in this world could be just like my dad. He's so amazing. He was very calm and collected about the whole thing. And I know that if it would have been my mom's fault, he would have been the same way. He has such a cool temper and is very understanding. Always. Unfortunately, Mr. Jones isn't exactly like my dad and was a little frustrated and rude to his wife. I can only image what their conversation at home went like last night...yikes?

When all was said and done, the police off the scene, the glass picked up, the insurance companies called and claims made, a few hearts were probably feeling down that night. Because frankly, accidents do happen. And it makes me feel so grateful for only having experienced one in my whole life. Every time I hop into my car I am risking getting in an accident. So why in the world do I keep driving? :) But moments and experiences like this help open up our eyes to the blessings we have. I take for granted the tender mercies that I receive daily on the road. There are many times that I probably should have been hit by a deer in Logan Canyon driving home from Pickleville. How many times have I been driving by a drowsy driver moments from drifting off and hitting my car? Or better yet, how many times have I been the drowsy driver that is fighting with everything I have to stay awake. The largest caffeine pill couldn't even keep me awake...but yet somehow, I make it to my destination unharmed.

The Lord loves us so much and gives us small bumps in the road, like a car accident, to keep us aware and maybe even cause a trial for some. But we come out of things like this as better people with more wisdom and understanding. And in the case of a wreck, probably with a little more caution. I'm glad that my mom and the Jones family were safe. And I'm glad to know that there is someone watching over us. Always.

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Bagley said...

I'm glad that the van won't look like that forever!! That was definitely not my favorite day. I'm glad that you documented it for me, thanks!