Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time.

According to Andy Williams, this season is the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year." I would have to agree with him for many many reasons. Christmas brings out the best in everyone (and maybe sometimes the worst when it comes to shopping?). But overall, I would say that Christmas is a joyous and delightful time filled with family and friends and lots of food. What is better than that?

So here is a little re-cap of my week leading up to Christmas as well as the big day.

The Birthday Bash

One week before Christmas, Sunday the 18th, my family had a big birthday bash. It was my little brother Aaron, my cousin McKenzie, and my brother's friend Brynnly's birthdays. So triple the cake, triple the candles, and triple the wishes, right? We had a party at my parent's house and had a delightful time. Aaron wanted a few things for his b-day, one of those being this gaggy BYU cougar beanie. Now, even though I am a true-blue Aggie, I don't hate BYU at all. In fact, I quite like the school. But this hat is pretty ugly. Let's be honest. That did not seem to phase Aaron though. He wanted it so bad and so being the good sister I am, I got it for him. I'm pretty sure I have seen him wear it once a day since then. HE LOVES IT! So happy 14th birthday to my not-so-little-any-more-brother Aaron!

The birthday boy with the lovely cougar beanie.

A little sibling love.

Aaron and McKenzie blowing out their candles.

Christmas Piano Recital

I have been teaching piano for the past five years. Wow, five years! That sounds like forever, yet it has gone by so quickly. Ever since my first year teaching, I have had a Spring Recital. Then during the year I have had group lessons/parties for both Christmas and Halloween. Well, this year I decided to do a formal Christmas Recital for my students. I love Christmas music so what better way to celebrate the season than have a recital for the kids to perform what they have been working on. It turned out lovely and some wonderful songs were shared that afternoon. I wish I had a picture or two of the event but when you are the one hosting the recital, it's a little difficult to snap some pics. Maybe next time!

Roommate Christmas Card

I live with the coolest girls. Ever. And this year we decided that we wanted to spread the Christmas cheer by sending our friends, families, missionaries, etc. a little Christmas card. From our home to theirs. And now to yours! Here is a peek to the photo shoot we had for this card.

Pickleville Christmas Show, "12.25"

Another successful season with Pickleville has come and gone. This was my second Christmas show and it was probably one of my favorite shows I have ever been in. T.J. Davis did a brilliant job of writing and directing the show. Sharli King put some killer choreography in it and then with some great lights and costumes, the show was a success. In fact, it was the most successful Christmas show that Pickleville has had thus far. Pretty cool that I was able to be a part of that. I have an especially special place in my heart for this one because of all the spiritual ties that were interwoven throughout the show. I truly felt the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of Christ on a daily basis as we performed for many sold out audiences. What a wonderful experience to cap off my Pickleville adventures over the past few years. I love Pickleville and the wonderful people that have influenced my life through being a part of it.

The cast of "12.25. A Merry Musical Comedy."

Whit, myself and Sharli. These two are basically my sisters. I love them!

The cast, crew, and even Santa Claus. What a special group of people.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve is almost better than Christmas Day in many ways. This is the day when the anticipation is so high that you almost want to burst! This is the day that the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, Christmas traditions are in full swing, and the Christmas story is told, helping us to remember the true meaning of Christmas. One of my family's traditions is to hear my grandpa tell "The Candle Story." This story has nothing to do with Christmas really, other than he tells it every year on Christmas Eve. This year, just my family and my grandparents were together to tell the story. Once again, it was delightful. Afterward, we read the Christmas story from Luke 2 and sang Christmas carols. Then we finished with unwrapping our p.j.'s at home and going to bed...dreaming of sugar plums and Santa Clause. :)

Grandpa Mecham telling the Candle Story.

My mom and pops snuggling up on the couch. :)

I love my brothers.

This video is dark and slightly hard to see. But it is the tail end of the infamous Candle Story told by my grandpa. It won't mean much to those other than my family, but it gives you a snip-it of our funny and memorable Christmas Eve tradition.

Christmas Day was just as joyous. I had to play the piano for my roommate Hillary at our student ward's sacrament meeting. She sang "Breath of Heaven" and did a fabulous job. As always. I was a little bummed that I had to miss going to church with my family, but there was such a strong spirit in my ward that I ended up being pleased as punch that I went there. After church, my family opened gifts and we were truly blessed and spoiled. Santa found our little home this year, that's for sure! A few of the highlights for me were new running shoes, a new phone (which was desperately needed!), a book, a watch and my personal favorite...tickets to WICKED this summer! After we opened gifts, we headed up to my grandparent's house for a delicious Christmas feast with some extended family. It was the perfect Christmas. I am so blessed. The Lord has not ceased to pour out those blessings into my life.

Christmas Day

One of the most important things that I heard this Christmas was in my sacrament meeting. A bishop in my stake spoke about the talk in this month's Ensign by Elder Russel M. Nelson. He said that the "best gift we can give our Savior for Christmas is keeping ourselves unspotted from the world, worth to attend His holy temple. And His gift to us will be the peace of knowing that we will be prepared to meet Him, whenever that time comes."

The Christmas Season continues on...

One of the hardest things about this season is saying goodbye. This year especially I feel like it came so quickly and now it's over. So I don't let the Christmas season end until New Years arrives. Then I guess it is time to move on and take down the tree, the lights, the decorations. But not until January 1. So what better way to continue feeling the Christmas spirit after the big day then going to Salt Lake and doing Christmas-y things? Yesterday I went on a fun date with my friend Travis to Salt Lake. I have always wanted to go ice skating downtown at the Gallivan Center and yesterday that wish came true! It was the perfect post-Christmas activity. We went to dinner and then even went to Temple Square to see the lights. Twice in one month. Yeah baby! We finished by sneaking into the cemetery where President Hinckley, President McKay, President Hunter, and many other prophets and general authorities are buried. It was awesome!

Ice skating at the Gallivan Center.

Travis and myself.

There are just a few more days to hang onto this, the most wonderful time. But that doesn't mean that we can't strive to have the Christmas spirit in our hearts all year long. Giving gifts is something unique to this season, but we can give gifts of love and service to others continually. And most importantly, we can give of ourselves, with an open and willing heart, to our Savior. All year long.

Merry Christmas!

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