Monday, September 27, 2010

One Wonderful Week

This week is Business Week up at USU so of course, they've got a bunch of weeknight activities. Tonight was a benefit concert put on by Kalai. What an awesome performer he is. He is incredible on the guitar and he has got such soul to his music. He's Mormon too. I didn't know until tonight. I guess it's true when they say you learn something new everyday. The concert began winding down and people began to slowly migrate away from Old Main Hill. That left me there with two of my new-found friends, Matt and Scot. We sat there listening to the smooth tone of Kalai's final song, Thank You, Lord. What a way to end a concert. He expressed his gratitude to the Lord for the talent and the blessings that he's been given in his life. I think that the Lord so immensely blesses each of our lives daily, and often times I find myself taking it for granted. Instead of me showing gratitude, I expect things. It was so awesome to see a man with such great talent humble himself through song and show that love he had for the Lord.

So of course, I had to search this song on YouTube and found it. Fast forward to about one minute to get to the actual song. He rambles on a little at the beginning. Enjoy!

Thank you, Lord, for what You've done for me,
Thank you, Lord, for what You're doing now.
Thank you, Lord, for every little thing,
Thank you, Lord, for every song I sing.
Another highlight of the past week:
Last Saturday night was the General Relief Society Broadcast, which I had the opportunity of attending. And no, I wish I could say I attended at the Conference Center, but I wasn't that lucky. I just went to my stake center with a good friend and enjoyed the meeting from my hard metal chair. All the talks were so delightful. What wonderful leaders we have as members of this church. The Lord has blessed our lives by putting them as the authority figures, and examples for us to look to. Themes such as Relief Society history, visiting teaching, and our personal faithfulness were touched on by the sisters in the Relief Society presidency. However, President Monson's talk was quite possibly the most powerful part of the evening, at least for me.
When he stood up and began speaking, I had this incredibly strong feeling that he was the true prophet. It was like I was being washed from head to toe with this warm, tingling feeling. I had no doubt in my mind that he was a man called of God to lead us Latter Day Saints to righteousness and prepare us to meet God again. I think that I have always felt that way, but it was reconfirmed to me Saturday night. And golly, he has such a charming sense of humor. I never remember thinking he was a light-hearted man when he was a counselor in the First Presidency, but now that he's the prophet, I feel like I am aware of his colorful personality. I am even more endeared to this amazing man after hearing his words...the funny and the powerful. The spirit is so strong when he speaks. Honestly, it's strong just when he enters a room. A lifetime goal I'd like to aspire to is that of constantly having a strong spirit with me at all times, in all things, and in all places.

President Monson gave a powerful talk about charity and casting judgments. It was pretty bold, and oh so needed in the lives of all women today. Here are a few of my favorite thoughts and quotes from the words spoken that night...

"Faithfulness and service are signs of our conversion and commitment."
"Relief Society can replace fear, doubt and selfishness with faith, hope and charity."
-Julie B. Beck

"Our faith gives us courage and confidence to face the challenges of life."
"Each of us is needed in building the kingdom of God."
-Silvia H. Allred

"Christ was moved upon with compassion."
"No one can assist in this work [visiting teaching] without being humble, having love and compassion."
-Barbara Thompson

"Judge not. None of us are perfect. Despite our imperfections, we find them in others."
"If you judge people, you have no time to LOVE them."
"There's a serious need for charity for those who go unnoticed."
"True charity is LOVE IN ACTION."
"To pity distress is human. To relieve it is godlike."
"All of us are the mantle of charity. May we strive to do our best to help out."
-Thomas S. Monson

This weekend will be General Conference. I can't wait to hear the words of the apostles. I remember being a young girl and thinking that General Conference was fun because we got to stay home, but really long and boring because men and women would just give talk after talk. Haha how much a person can grow and understand as they get older. I now look so forward to conference weekend. One day, I'll be shoving crayons and coloring books into my daughter's lap too, so she will stay content while I listen to the words of the prophets. That won't be for a few years though. Let's work on getting a boyfriend first. Anyway, I am very grateful for the prophet Thomas S. Monson as well as the other apostles of today. They speak wisdom and give counsel that we all should heed to. I'm even more grateful that the Lord loves us enough to share revelation with these leaders and provide them for us in this spiritually deteriorating world.

So for a total subject change here! Back to Kalai. Here's my ultimate favorite song of his. This song gives me chills. I could listen to it all day. And all night. And never get sick of it. Honestly.

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