Friday, October 22, 2010

STRESSED? No, not at all.

Last night I began blogging....and fell asleep in the process. Kind of pathetic. I know. But thanks to blogger and the delightful "autosave" feature, it was saved in my drafts. So here is what was going through my oh-so-weary mind last night:

Thursday, October 21st will go down in my journal as one of the most stressful days I have had. Ever. Considering the amount of stress I've felt, it's quite mind boggling that I'm even blogging about this right now. It's kind of like I'm on the no-energy/complete exhaustion high and I'm just at the part where a sudden burst of energy comes right before collapsing. [Insert: obviously, the collapsing happened sooner than expected.]

So quickly, let me just share my days events beginning with last night. I have a simple math equation to describe what I did...

Megan + library + 5 hours + studying =

No, but seriously. If I was a dude, this is what I would have looked like at about 11:38 pm.

Really my stressful day was more like a stressful week. But today was the climax. Here's a little agenda of what went down in the life of Megan Bagley today:

6:00 am: Teach choreography at Sky View's early morning rehearsal
8:15 am: Teach a piano lesson
9:00 am: Eat a quick breakfast/get ready/continue studying
10:30 am: Physics Exam
12:00 pm: Work (p.s. my boss is gone. Enough said.)
3:00 pm: Natural Disasters Exam
3:30 pm: Run to the library and write a mid-term essay
4:30 pm: Class
7:00 pm: QUICKLY [emphasis on quickly] finish my mid-term
7:20 pm: Class
10:00 pm: Finally came home and ate dinner
11:15 pm: Hang out with a friend at his apartment

Now this may not seem like a very crazy day to some, but I'm still taking deep breaths because of it. College, what are you doing to me? Haha oh what a love/hate relationship we have.

And this is where the collapsing happened. Now that I am looking back, I was pretty stupid to even attempt blogging that late at night...obviously sleep deprivation was clouding my judgment. And I was very stressed. Sometimes it feels like I just can't take it anymore. [This link is a SUPER cheesy story written by Jack Weyland. He was one of my favorite authors back in the tween days when "Charly" was the trend.] Perhaps everyone could relate. But stress is not something that can be completely avoided. It is better to try to eliminate stress. For example, I could have written my mid-term essay over Fall Break instead of hanging out with friends the majority of the time. But I didn't, hence adding to my stress.

King Benjamin counseled in his beautifully delivered address to his people:

"And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength."
Mosiah 4:27

This is counsel that I have been given before, not only from the scriptures, but from a previous bishop, parents, and friends. It's good to be busy, but not too busy to make time for the important things in life. I dare say that one of the most important relationships I can foster in this life is with my Savior. Being too stressed does not encourage that relationship as far as time management goes. I know though that when I am feeling uptight or unsure of things, He is a constant friend that I can always turn to. Always. And He will provide me with comfort and assurance. Always.

Well, my stressful week is officially over. It is the weekend! Homecoming weekend here at Utah State, might I add. True Aggie night? Parade? Tailgates? Dance? Game? Oh sooo many choices. Time to PARTY! And sleep. How about nap time right now? Most definitely.


elise said...

Goodness you are a busy girl! Love the Jack Weyland story.

madeline said...

girl! story of my life!! we can do it!! :)

love your blog- super cute!