Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ever Be Thankful.

January through October have come and gone. 2010, why the rush to end? Seriously. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was still a Freshman in college walking up on campus with the blistering-cold canyon wind slashing my face? Yes, yes it was. And now I'm about to do it all over again. Time flies. Enough said.

So since the wonderful holiday of Halloween has now passed (which is one of my favorite times of year, btw), it is time to move on to the next holiday....THANKSGIVING. I'm looking out my window, gazing at the beautiful colors, the crisp air empty of birds song, and a garden all harvested-out, and I feel a lot of gratitude in my heart. This truly is a time of year to be thankful. I have been blessed immensely. If I was an Atheist, it would surely shake my belief in no God because of everything I have been provided. There's no way it all would be possible if there wasn't a God. And more importantly, a God that I know loves me, no matter what.

So to show my thanks this month, I'm going to blog about something I'm thankful for each day. Well, maybe not each day because time doesn't always permit that. But as often as I can. There's about 24 days left until Thanksgiving, and I guarantee that I have more than just 24 things I'm grateful for. So here goes:

Today I am thankful for my family.

I know I'm starting off a little cheesy and blatantly obvious, but really they are the best! Now, everyone typically says that they have the best family, so essentially this could be a never-ending argument. So, I've decided that everyone is perfect for their family. For years and years I wanted a sister. And I never got one. But I wouldn't trade any of my brothers for the best sister in the world. They tease, pry, bug, and annoy a whoooole bunch. I'm used to it by now. However, they also smile, share, and love a whooooole lot more. There's nothing better than having a heart-to-heart with Matt, a "grown-up" conversation with Aaron (since he claims to no longer be a child), or being squeezed half to death by Jared's strong hugs.

And then there's my parentals. They are splendid. We don't always get along...in fact, I think because my mom and I are so alike, when we disagree, we really disagree. Luckily though, that is pretty rare. She's so selfless and I can't think of anyone who sacrifices much more than my mom. My dad is the perfect example of kindness too. He is never not nice. Honestly. My mind is drawing a blank just trying to think of one instance.

Gosh, I am sure blessed with a great family. What did I ever do to deserve them?

This video was made on Matt's 21st birthday. This was our birthday wish to him just weeks before he came home from Tucson. Here is a very minor glimpse to our personalities and the fun we have together.

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madeline said...

LOVE this idea megan, LOVE it :)