Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Sweetest Summertime

There are a few things that bring me immense joy in life. These include, but are not limited to... watermelon, autumn leaves and colors, Christmas music, brownies and ice cream, babies, playing the piano, weddings, and blogging. I feel like a sugar addict who has gone on a no-sugar diet the last three months because I have not really had a chance to blog! Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but it is so great to spend time absorbed in one of my favorite hobbies. So here I am, sitting at my computer, eating some cherries, listening to a little Michael Buble and I am in absolute bliss.

Summertime is here and on it's way out. And it has been oh so sweet! Times just flies when you are having fun. And fun is exactly what I have been having this summer of 2012. My plans changed a lot when T. J. Davis called me in the spring and asked me to be a part of the Pickleville magic again this summer. I accepted the offer and after an intense three weeks of rehearsals in May, I moved up to Bear Lake. Words can't even begin to adequately describe what an incredible experience this has been. The best decision I could have ever made was to do Pickleville for one more summer. The whole experience...the work, the people, the performing...everything has been a dream come true. I often find myself asking how in the world I am so fortunate to be here. The Lord has blessed me so much! I am truly humbled and grateful for the blessings He bestows upon me.

So, let me expound a little on my super-awesome, neat, fun, incredible, magical, dreamy summer. First things first: Pickleville. That is the whole reason that I am even up in Garden City, right? I am performing in The Hanging of El Bandito as Billy Jean Fletcher. My very first summer doing PVP, back when I first graduated from high school, I debuted this role. It has been such a blast getting to play the part again, but in a new and fresh way. The Juanito Bandito craze is in full swing and we perform all of the time. Sooo many shows each week, but what a fun job! I get paid to be an evil and psycho sidekick to Bandito. Boom baby! Haha, no but really, it is such an uplifting and wholesome environment and a positive experience. On the nights of the other show, Forever Plaid, I work in the box office at Pickleville taking reservations, making some delicious popcorn, and helping out backstage here and there. It has been fun to see that angle of how the theater runs. I work with some of the funnest girls and thoroughly enjoy every night that I am at PVP.

The Hanging of El Bandito

A few of the cast members seating the crowd.

With my dearest friends, Chelsea, Rylee and Whitney, on opening night.

 Billy Jean Fletcher
Forever Plaid

 Box Office workers. We have a little too much fun!

P.S. Just to put a little plug in for the shows. They are awesome! Might I highly suggest coming to either one? I promise it will be one of the greatest experiences. :)

Next, I have the coolest day job. I work at Ideal Beach Resort which is exactly what it is named...ideal. It is the ideal location, the ideal work, the ideal people. Honestly. I work with some awesome co-workers and my boss is a stud. He is so kind and good to his employees. He runs a tight ship and I am so impressed with his managing skills. Anyway, I work in the resort's convenience store, as well as at the mini golf course and the snow shack. Some of the world's most darling families come and stay at this resort. Seriously, I have seen more adorable children and couples this summer than I think I have in my life. It is making me so excited to one day have a family of my own. Needles to say, I am the luckiest girl to have such awesome jobs. I needed and wanted to work hard this summer to make money for the fall. Provo is going to be slightly more pricey than Logan, I'm afraid. And that is exactly what I have been doing. I am working hard but am having an incredible time doing it.

With one of my co-workers, Danielle.

 Ideal Beach Resort. Is that not the prettiest view to look at every day?

As much as I love the work I have been doing this summer, I think that the reason I will always look back on this time of life with the fondest of memories is because of the people I associate with. Every single day I realize what awesome people I spend time with and live around. People who are striving to do good and to be good always. People who want to align their lives with the Lord's will. People who are constant examples of love and service. I am learning a lot about friendship, especially because my family is not close by. I have learned to rely a lot on my friends for love and support since my family isn't near. Not only are these friends good and wholesome people, but they are so much fun! Ah, I laugh so hard with them. We play games and are silly and have the greatest times. Some of my favorite moments of this summer are the nights that we have Family Home Evening. We will have a lesson and an activity of sorts. We also regularly have Sunday dinners or gather around the piano and sing. This little Pickleville family of mine is always giving little gifts or dropping little notes of love and appreciation. It is so beautiful. I am truly grateful for each and every one of my friends...those who are with me this summer and those who I don't see as often. I have been so fortunate in my life to have great friends. I hope to continue to be a better friend to others and strive to be more selfless. I want to be the kind of friend that the Lord would be.

Jessica Jenkins. Girls don't come much more pure and incredible than this one.

A little summer afternoon hike.

Singing around the piano.

 Watching Jessica sing at a fireside in Evanston, WY.

An FHE activity down at the lake. Skipping rocks, baby!

Sweet Sydnie. One of the loveliest girls I know.

Now for the best part of my summer! I know that there is no possible way to really describe this huge part of my life. Why? Because he, yes he, is just too great for words! But I will do my very best. Back in January, I met this boy named Eric Sackett when I was visiting Whit in Provo. We went over to a girl Becca's house to watch a movie and he was there...flirting with Whitney, of course :) haha. Anyway, I re-met him again this past May when we started rehearsals for Bandito. Eric and I are the two nutso sidekicks, so not only did I get to know him, I was with him all the time...on stage and off. We would find every excuse we could to spend a little more time with each other, without it looking too obvious. Basically, since then, we have become best friends, spend as much time together as possible, and now I am crazy about this boy. He is the greatest thing that has happened to me. I was not expecting to meet anyone right now or feel this way, but it is so wonderful. What Eric and I have going is really special. I wish that I could just put an interactive Eric on my blog so that everyone could meet him and know how awesome he is.

Our first official date.

Being crazy sidekicks. What we do almost every night. 

Billy and Happy.

 Having the perfect summer picnic.

We have had some seriously magical moments this summer. Picnics, dancing, walks, sunsets, star gazing, temple trips, family visits, and even simple conversations. Sometimes, actually all of the time, I wonder if I am living in reality because of how perfect our moments together are. But it is totally real life. Fairy tales do happen! :) haha. Eric is so great...not because he is perfect, but because he strives for perfection every day. He is constantly trying to be better and he makes me want to be a better person. He is valiant and righteous. He is loving and tender and constantly thinking of others. He is hilarious. Hil-ar-i-ous. He is sarcastic, yet he is so sensitive. He is talented beyond measure. He is adventurous and athletic. He is a child at heart and loves children so much. He honors his priesthood and desires to be a man of God. Too good to be true? Oh, you bet! But for some reason, I got lucky...he found interest in me and we are having the best times together. Not to mention, he will be down in Provo going to school in the fall. Coincidence? Maybe. Convenient? Absolutely! :)

Hiking with this cutie.

A day at Ideal Beach with my family.

A delightful Sunday afternoon. 

This boy has my heart.

This summer has been one of the best summers of my life. It is amazing to me how the Lord has a plan for us all which is often times not what we were planning for ourselves. In every way, this summer is completely different than I had originally anticipated a few months ago. I think the one and only downside is that I have to give up my tickets to see Wicked at the Capitol Theater. That sounds super lame, but I don't think anyone quite understands how badly I want to see that show. That is all I wanted for Christmas, and was so lucky to get tickets! But at Christmas time I had no intention of being in Bear Lake. So tonight my mom and dad are going to go see the show. If I can't go, I wouldn't want anyone else to use those tickets. I am sooo excited for them! Ah, it gives me chills just thinking about being there... And in reality, I think that is quite the minor sacrifice for the blessings I am receiving by being here this summer. Most importantly, my relationship with the Savior has deepened this summer. I love Him and want so badly to do what is right and be a virtuous daughter of God. I am grateful for this time to ponder and meditate more deeply and to have the Spirit guiding me. This is truly the sweetest summertime I could have ever asked for.
A beautiful summer sunset.


Sarah... said...

AH!!! YAY!!! You two look so stinkin' cute together Megan! I am so happy for you and that you have had such an incredible Summer. You will be missed in Logan, but I hope that Provo brings wonderful things for your future ;) Love ya girl!

10zfam said...

I am blot stalking you! Congrats girl on all your adventures. Too bad I didn't see toy at beer lake we were there in June and July at ideal beach. It's fun to see how you have grown since you were in Young Women's. Sounds like there may be a wedding in your near future ;)
KariAnn Tensmeyer

10zfam said...

Dang auto correct. Hope you can figure out what I was trying to say

Ashlie said...

This makes me so happy! :) Love you meg!

me said...

Wow all those nice things about my brother. Give me a call and I'll fill you in on the rest. :) just kidding. He is amazing. Even more amazing than you may know at this time. I can't wait to meet you at the end of this month!