Saturday, August 21, 2010

After all, we're only human.

Yesterday I was introduced to a new song, compliments of the shuffle setting on Cory Keate's ipod. I am now obsessed. We were all putting on our thick, acne-inducing stage make up at Pickleville when this song began playing out of the ghetto speakers McKenna so kindly provided the make-up room. They are pretty old school. No, correction: they are REALLY old school. But hey, they crank out the tunes just as good as any iHome or BOSE speakers would, so who's complaining? This song really caught my attention when the chorus came on.

After all, we're only human
Always fighting what we're feeling, hurt, instead of healing

Gosh, these lyrics nailed that to a T. I'm pretty sure anybody would admit that they have experienced this feeling at one point or another. Why is that? Why do we as humans fight what we're feeling? In so many situations, it would be better to just give into our feelings.

So here is a video of Jon McLaughlin singing and playing "Human". The studio version is a must buy off of itunes. You better believe that I purchased it as soon as I got my hands on my computer. This video is just his voice and the piano. He is AMAZING on those ivories. Seriously, this guy can play. Geez, he's got musical talent just seeping out of him.

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