Friday, August 20, 2010

I be lovin' LOVE.

Love love love. Something that dominates the average person's mind and heart a good percentage of the day. Whether it's loving a husband, boyfriend, sibling, friend, job, school, calling, etc. etc. etc., love is always camping out and waiting to overwhelm people when they least expect it. I'd like to expound on two love stories that have been on my mind this week. And yes, I said love stories. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a little romance. One is heart breaking, the other: quite possibly my favorite love story. EVER.

So for the first, I'm currently reading The History of Joseph Smith by His Mother. I haven't quite gotten to any information about the prophet himself, but the beginning chapters are about Lucy Mack's family and her background. I have been absolutely amazed at what an impressive family she came from. All of her siblings were extremely spiritual and obedient. They prayed, studied the bible, preached, had dreams and visions...they were all earnestly striving to know the truth and live righteous lives, without having the gospel on the earth. Knowing that the Prophet Joseph came from a family that was spiritually minded makes a lot of sense. When he told his parents of the First Vision, they could easier understand because of their past spiritual experiences. So anyway, onto the love story.

Lucy's oldest brother Jason Mack was an extremely smart and accomplished man. He met a young woman and honestly fell head over heels for her! Quoting Lucy, she said this of her brother's love for this woman:
"Jason became deeply in love with her, insomuch that his heart was completely hers, and it would have been as easy to have convinced him that he could exist without his head, as that he could live and enjoy life, without being united with her in marriage."
How cute is that? Well, the feelings were mutual and they became engaged. Not long after, he left with his father to Liverpool to receive a large sum of money. The two lovers promised to write letters. The lady only received one letter from him however. The dirty rotten scoundrel of a man who worked at the post office decided to do all in his power to break up the two. So he
a) tried persuading her to not marry Jason. Failed.
b) retained all letters from Jason. Failed again.
c) forged letters from a "friend" of Jason's, claiming that he had in fact died.
The jerk face still tried to convince the woman to marry him, and got shafted every time. Atta girl! But about 4 months prior to Jason's return, she finally believed his lies and married the post man. 4 months later, Jason returned and went to the woman's home to see her again. When she saw him, she instantly fainted. She never recovered her health and two years later, she died "a victim of disappointment." Aka: heartache.
This love story doesn't end so happily ever after, but I have to imagine that in a situation like this, Jason and his love will get to be together in the life after this. I don't know, that may be totally wrong thinking. But I think that the reason I found this story so intriguing was because of their deep love and devotion for each other. I think that's the kind of love that every person would hope to have with their fiance.

Alright, next story. Which I'm not going to discuss too much. This love story is that of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. Yes, it is Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen knows just how to tug at the heartstrings of women in the world. Sheesh! I fall more and more in love with the story each time I hear it. I read the book as a junior in high school and have seen the Kiera Knightly version about a million and one times, including one night this week. I NEVER get sick of it. Honestly.

For a complete summary and analyzing of the book/characters click here.

Now, I'm sure that many people have their own sweet love stories. [Boy and girl meet and fall madly in love. So on and so forth.] They are all probably either seriously dating, engaged, or married. I am currently none of the above, so I ride on the books, movies, and friends that provide these stories. However, I have a lot of love in my life. Let me express a few things and people that help me to fully understand how to love to the fullest.

My family. Who better than to love to pieces? I'd dare say I have more love for them an any other thing or people in this world.

Jared. My little brother has more unconditional love than I could ever hope to have. He is the epitome of joy. His love can keep even the most depressed person wanting to live one more day.

Blue skies. I took this picture driving on the highway from Lava Hot Springs to Bear Lake one day. Life is so beautiful and moments like this, with just some simple clouds and sunny skies, help me realize how much I love this life of mine.

My friends. I'd dare say I have the best friends in the world. I'll argue anyone on that. Even when I've been gone for days doing Pickleville, they bring me right back into their arms as if I never even left. Friendships evolve, but my love for them never will.

Music. Love is seriously an understatement when talking about it. I like the feelings I get when I listen to a good song. I love the feelings I get when I play or sing an even better one. Simply put, music is love.

Best friends. Camille has been and always will be my best friend since about the 9th grade. We have both changed a lot through the years. We are busy now. Camille is even a mommy! So our paths don't cross as often as I wish they did. However, I love this girl like she was the sister I never had. When I think on all of our memories, my heart swells. She is amazing in every form of the word. I hope to be just like her one day...maybe when I grow up :)

Love rocks. Love blows. Love makes people feel like they have never felt before...whether that be for good or bad. I'm grateful for love in my life. I'm grateful for those things that I love. I'm grateful for those things that love me. Ultimately, I'm grateful for a loving Father in Heaven and Savior who have ultimate and unconditional love even when I make mistakes, which is quite often I'd dare say. To possess that kind of love is incomprehensible to me right now, but hopefully one day I will be able to understand. Mmmmm, love is great. I be lovin' LOVE.

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