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Winds of Change

I am back. Believe it or not, I am back to blogging after a semester of craziness. Honestly, the past few months have been the busiest and most strenuous of my life up to this point. They have been some of the most rewarding, but have definitely pushed me to my limits.

Needless to say, I have missed this hobby of mine. There is something about spilling my mind and heart out through this computer screen that is real relaxing. Call it crazy...because it kind of is...but blogging is almost as great to me as eating some chocolate cake or some other glutenous activity.

And boy oh boy, SO much has happened in the past 4 months. My life is almost a completely different life...or at least is on its way to being there. In the words of Julie Andrews, let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start" as I catch up on my whirl-wind life and some exciting changes that are blowing my way!

First things first. I got my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. I have heard story after story, both horrifying and calming, about what it is like to get your wisdom teeth pulled. But everyone's experiences aside, mine hasn't been too terrible. My right cheek is still really swollen, I am still on pain meds, and I basically sleep all day. I am on Day 4 now and am hoping that some energy and normality will return to my life. I feel completely lazy and slightly loopy. But, it is kind of nice to have a serious break from real life. I just hope this break wraps up soon. These cheeks of mine can't stand to get any bigger.

A little collage of my wisdom teeth journey. Excuse the no make-up.

Next up, some great news! My big brother Matt is getting married. YAHOO!! Finally, the boy proposed to his year-long girlfriend back in March. The two little lovebirds are getting married one week from tomorrow. So you best believe that a whole blog-post will be devoted to their big day. Matt and Brynnly are perfect for each other. They are pretty much the same human being. So it's great that they are ending up together for eternity. I am excited to have my first official sister. She is the perfect one for the job! :)

Matt and Brynnly

Next,  my little brother Jared had a basketball tournament down in Las Vegas over his Spring Break this year. It was both Aaron and Jared's first time going to Vegas, and let's just say, I think it was a little eye-opening for them. We all realized how much we love little Logan, Utah after that trip. But it was fun to sight-see and watch some great ball games. Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

Watching the water show at the Bellagio.

Visiting the M&M Store.
Jared in action.

Jared's team after their tourney.
The Las Vegas Temple. SO beautiful!

Next, I can officially cross an item off of my bucket-list. I have lived in Cache Valley my whole life. Up until this past November or so, I had never been to Angie's Restaurant. "Where the Locals Eat"? Well, not this local I guess. But now I have. Well, another Cache Valley tradition is that of hiking the infamous Wind Caves. Never had I ever done that...until a few weeks ago. A group of friends from high school got together at night and scaled the mountain. It was so much fun! And so much harder than I was thinking. I would like to go there again in the daylight, but a little moonlit hike was a blast. Might I recommend it to any of you out there who have never done the hike. You are missing out!

Our late night Wind Cave hike.

Next on the list...good books. I think one of the hardest things for me to do is to put down a really really good book. I am always so anxious for the ending, but once I finally read it, I wish that I could read it again. I am just never ready to say that I have completed the book. But then I start reading a new one, although it is a new kind of exciting, it is just as exciting as the other. This is exactly where I am in my life right now. I am ending a really awesome book...the best one yet! I don't want to shut that back cover because I know it will really be over, but with shutting that cover, I am opening a the front cover to a new book. So here are a few of the really good chapters that I am having a hard time closing...

Piano Teaching. For the past 5 years, I have had to coolest job. I have taught piano to the greatest piano students in the whole wide world. Teaching piano has been the most rewarding job. Honestly, it hasn't even really felt like a job, but more of a hobby. Due to some changes, I won't be teaching piano anymore. So this past weekend, I had my final piano recital. It was so wonderful to have one last sha-bang, Cinco de Mayo style! The kids did awesome, the parents were perfect to work with, and I said hasta la vista to five of the best years of my life.

All of my current students (just missing 2) after our final recital. What cuties!
My little brothers and myself.

School. So get this folks, I have one semester left until I graduate. Yep, let me say that again. ONE SEMESTER BABY! I am kind of still in shock at the reality of being done-zo in about 7 months. Where has my college career gone? But, I can feel myself getting more and more ready to actually be teaching rather than be in a teacher education program. This last semester was hard. Woosh, it was the hardest one I have had yet. But 19 credits later, I am alive and kickin'. I spent 9 weeks doing coursework, planning lessons and units, talking management techniques and teaching strategies, etc. And then I spent 6 weeks in a 2nd grade classroom. I actually was lucky enough to get placed with my aunt Michelle. And no, we didn't rig it. We just lucked out big time! It was the funnest 6 weeks. Those little kids just find a way of making you so attached. It was hard saying good-bye to them too. But through those weeks, I taught, observed and validated my feelings for wanting to be an elementary school teacher.

Mrs. Daines's 2nd grade class.
Being crazies!
The students' persuasive letters that came from a persuasive writing unit that I taught.
Cute students, don't you think?

 Moving home. After a wonderful semester living with 5 of the coolest girls ever, I had to say good-bye to our little apartment at D201 as we split our separate ways. Two will be married by August, one will be in summer school, another up in Yellowstone, and the other living up her dream of being an EFY counselor. Even though we will never all be roommates again, we have made friendships that will last a lifetime. I am so grateful for the lessons I learned and the memories that we shared over the past 8 months.

My roommate Ashlie's wedding.

Alright, so what in the world are these huge changes that I am alluding to? Well, there really aren't that many haha. I just wanted to add a little drama and suspense to the mix. Mostly, it is just a change of pace and location.

This summer, I will be moving to Bear Lake. Now stop. I know exactly what you are thinking...You're thinking "this girl said she was done with Pickleville last year, and the year before that, and the year before that." Yep, you're absolutely right. I did. And plans changed. Instead of commuting from Logan every day, I will be living in Bear Lake, working at a resort by day, and singing my little heart out by night. And I could not be more excited. Pickleville wasn't in the plan for this summer originally, but has ended up coming around and being the perfect summer remedy for me. I honestly can't wait! So, come to PVP this summer. It's going to be a hoot!

Finally, when summer is over, it is good-bye lazy summer days, hello student teaching! And believe it or not, it is good-bye Logan, hello Provo! That is right, I will be heading down to P-town come late-August for some permanent least for the next year. This is a decision that I have been playing with for months and months. In fact, I feel like it has been slightly consuming my life the past 6 months. If I had all the time in the world, I would expound on my exact reasoning for leaving, but in short, I feel like it is the right thing. No, I know that it is the right thing.

I will be doing my student teaching at Orem Elementary school, about 10 minutes away from where I will be living. I am not transferring to BYU...don't worry, I am still a true-blooded Aggie! But I can do my Utah State student teaching anywhere in the state, so why not Orem? My best friend lives down in Provo and has been trying to convince me for the past few years to move down, so we will be living with a fun group of girls.

It is kind of crazy to think that everything I know...the places, the people...everything.. will not be there. I am so comfortable in my Cache Valley life, but that's why I think this will be the best thing in the world for me. It will be a huge change, but I can't wait! The reality of this move is slowly starting to set in and these butterflies inside my chest start freaking out. If I can just keep them calm for the next 3 months...

So there you have it. Old events. New events. Future events. The whole enchilada. I have a pretty good feeling that my blogging skills will come back to my life now that school is out for the summer. Life is so awesome and so unpredictable. I get the shivers just thinking of what lies ahead... :)

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