Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby, it's COLD outside.

Today I am thankful for hot chocolate.

Blizzard Alert has been ringing through the radio, television, internet, Facebook, text messages, and lips of concerned people all day long. Yes, it's true. There is currently a nasty blizzard swirling through the state of Utah right this minute. It's been the cause of canceled school, sporting events, and performances, early closure of retail stores and many white-collar workers have been sent home early. Needless to say, today would be labeled as a SNOW DAY. News stations including Weather.com, KSL.com, and Deseret News, just to list a few, have been keeping all of us worried Utah residents updated on the latest details of the blizzard.

So crazy as this sounds, I figured it would be appropriate to document this "monumental" day in 2010. I braved the cold for a minute and snapped some photos.

Early stages of the blizzard.

Our front yard and driveway getting dumped on.

The backyard.

Documenting the day. I braved the yucky weather.

Grateful for UGG's today. They kept me nice and warm.

I was one of those workers/students that was off the hook early today, due to the weather. I work up on campus and the University closed early today, as did others across the state. So not only did I get off my shift early, I didn't have to take a test in one of my classes. Thank you Stan Albrecht for allowing me a few more days of studying. My rehearsal for the Christmas show I'm in was even canceled tonight, which obviously means that Jack Frost is throwing out some pretty serious stuff. We open the show on Friday so it's crunch time. Days like today show just how subject we are to the weather. Life pretty much goes on halt when there are rough conditions.

For those lucky individuals who didn't step foot outside today, or who have never been in a blizzard, here is a "virtual tour" of what one is like. This is what the weather was like today around 4:00 pm. The blizzard had just begun...

What a way to welcome the winter season, eh?
Today is one of those days that you just want to snuggle up with a loved one in a big fuzzy blanket, sitting close to the fire, with a cup of cocoa in hand and watch a delightful holiday movie.

On a blisteringly cold day like today, I am very grateful for a warm house I have to live in. I think of the pioneers who were crossing the plains during the winter. I guarantee they hit blizzards along the Mid-West that were worse than what has been blowing around Logan today. I am grateful for central heating, fireplaces and blankets. I am grateful for electricity that keeps our lives running despite Mother Nature's surprise. I am grateful for my sweet family that I get to spend the whoooole night with.

Tonight's agenda: brewing up a nice cup of hot chocolate.

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madeline said...

Love this meg!! I always love reading your blogs.
love ya girl!