Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Be-Lated Birthday, Big Brother!

Happy Birthday Matt!

So I'm a few days late in posting this, but it's the thought that counts right? My big brother Matthew Greg Bagley was born 22 years ago on May 3. And what a great 22 years he has lived so far. He's a great brother! He truly is.

His birthday fell during finals week this year, so he was pretty swamped on his actual day. But the Sunday before we had a nice dinner at my grandparent's house, which kicked off the festivities. Then on his actual birthday, we opened a few gifts that night. A couple days later we went to Hamilton's for a legit birthday celebration. I'd say that spreading a birthday out over about 5 days is an awesome way to do it. I'm committing that idea to memory for my birthday this year! :)

Opening presents on Matt's birthday

Birthday dinner at Hamilton's

So in celebration of my awesome brother, I thought that I would post 22 facts about for each year. I am the only person in this world that gets to experience being his sister [because I am his only sister] so that's pretty cool, right? I have the inside scoop that peeps wouldn't know about him. :)

1. He is super organized in every area of his life. I can't think of one "messy" thing about him.
2. He works at the Kater Shop, which is feeding his love for dress clothes. His newest obsessions are paisley ties and fitted, colored shirts.
3. Matt has always been a "man". Ever since he was little, he has been perfectly dressed, had a perfect smile and been on his best behavior. I don't think he's broken the rules. Ever.

4. He is going to South America in a month to study abroad.
5. He is so incredibly smart. And he studies faithfully. It's pretty impressive.
6. He loves basketball. This love began at an early age with the Utah Jazz. Back in the days of Stockton, Malone, Hornacek, and Ostertag. A piece of his heart died when the Jazz lost to the Bulls in the NBA Finals.

7. He is studying finance and economics at USU and will graduate next spring.
8. He is secretly RICH. He claims otherwise, but I know that he's got a stash of mula in his bank account.
9. It is funny to watch him prepare his food. He has a very particular way in which he does it.
10. He served his mission to the Tucson, Arizona Spanish Speaking Mission.

11. We share a bathroom. He freaks out when he sees hair, but I can't help it...everyone sheds, right?
12. He has a good voice, but he would never sing a solo for anyone.
13. He had a girlfriend named Veronica in high school. Thankfully, she died when he went on his mission. (If you don't know about Veronica, who isn't really an actual person, that's a story for another post).

This is NOT Veronica. No one knows what she looks like. But Matt does have a thing for girl friends. Not girlfriends. There is a difference. :)

14. He was the father of the "White Knight" in high school. This was his white truck that unfortunately is also dead now.
15. Once upon a time, Matt had a deep love for Abba and James Blunt.
16. He speaks in this real bizarre voice from time to time. If only I had a recording of it, because no one will probably believe this.
17. Matt knows so much about the gospel. Whenever I have a question about a gospel topic, I ask my dad. If my dad isn't sure about the answer, he asks Matt. Matt usually always has an answer.
18. He got a perfect score playing scripture baseball. I wouldn't believe it, but I was there.
19. He hates the games Phase Ten and Apples to Apples.
20. Matt is quite charming. Always has been, always will be.

21. He is going to be incredibly successful in life. I have no doubt about it.
22. Although he is not perfect, he's on his way. He's the best big brother I could have ever asked for.

Happy Birthday, Matt! Here's to another 22 years of an incredible life.

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