Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer. Woot woot!

It's official.
Summer is HERE baby!
Ah, I'm so glad.
It's going to be great!
I'm so glad.
Warm sun, relaxation, no homework.
I'm so glad.
Did, I mention I'm SO glad? :)

Alright I might be lying a little if I said this summer is going to be laid back and easy breezy. In fact, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have any homework. What do I mean? Well, here are some of the things that I get to look forward to this summer:

Music class

Yes, it's true. I am taking a class this summer. But I'm glad that I'm doing it. I have to take an "Elementary School Music (teaching)" class for my major, so I figured I might as well do it this summer. It's every morning for two hours, but it's over in 3 weeks. Totally my kind of class. And secretly, I'm really excited!

Pickleville Playhouse

Yes, I did give in and decided to do it one last summer. I had some other plans that fell through this summer so I chose to do something that I love once more. Performing is one of those habits that I just can't break, and I figure that while I'm single and able to do it, why not? I can pretty confidently say this will probably be my last summer doing the PVP thing, so I'm going to live it up for all it's worth! Trust me, mid-summer I'm going to be asking why I did it, but it's all SO worth it in the end.

Modesto, California

This is still a plan in the works. But my dear friend Camille (Bales) Griffin and her family moved out to Modesto this summer for her hubby to sell security systems. I have this serious travel bug right now and I'm dying to go visit! It's about an hour away from San Fransisco and she says it's a blast there. So I don't quite know when, but it's in my planner to take a mini vacation out there. I can't wait!

Admissions Office

This is the campus tour video on USU's website. I help with campus tours in the Admissions Office.
Recognize the voice of the narrator? :)

I'll still be living the dream in the Admissions Office this summer. It's such a fantastic job though. I honestly love it. There is not a day that I go to work dreading what I do or wishing I could work somewhere else. I'd argue that I have one of the best student worker jobs on campus. I get to meet a lot of fun people and I love the ones that I work with. It's super! So I feel very lucky that I get the opportunity to continue working and making money this summer. No, I'm not making the big bucks like some of those summer salesman, but it'll suffice.

My birthday

I will finally no longer be a teenager! To be completely honest, I feel like I'm turning 21, not just 20. But hey, I'll take 20 for sure. It's better than being a teenager. I went out with a boy yesterday day who is 25. We figured out that he was a freshman in high school when September 11 happened. I was in 5th grade. Weird. But totally okay now that we're both in college. So needless to say, I can't wait to be 20. It's just going to be one long year until I'm officially an adult!

Mmmmkay, so this isn't like the world's most exciting summer plans. I know, I know. One of these summers I'm going to leave Logan and have one heck of an experience. Mark my words. But I'm just excited for a little change. That's one thing I like about living the college life. Every 3 or so months, schedules are mixed up and changed around. It keeps life exciting and new. And it'll be time for the new fall semester before I know it. Oh boy, one more year closer to having to be a grown up.

So hooray for summer. Hooray for warmth. Hooray for fun. Hooray for reading books I never get to read during the year. Hooray for family reunions. Hooray for old friends coming home to visit. Hooray for the many weddings of friends happening this summer. Hooray for sand volleyball at nights. Hooray for fireworks. Hooray for barbecues. Hooray for baseball games. Hooray for tans. Hooray for boating.

This list could seriously go on and on...


Jessica Pedersen said...

please join us for girls weekend this year! you have never come so you might have to take a few days off of your performing life and play with your cousins..little mermaid at tuacahn and some seriously good pool time! you HAVE to come. ps i cannot wait to be 20. it is a big deal. 19 needs to end. right. now.

chels said...

I pretty much love everything about this post! Exactly what I'm looking forward to this summer :)

Megan Michelle said...

Haha thanks Chels. Summers are so great, aren't they?

And Jess, I'll make sure to be there this year. That sounds absolutely wonderful! The performing life can definitely be put on hold for that. Can't wait to see you seems like it's been forever!